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/* $Id: mancala.h,v 1995/07/25 11:55:21 sverrehu Exp $ */
#ifndef MANCALA_H
#define MANCALA_H

 *  Mancala board setup. According to tradition, there are 6 small holes
 *  and 4 stones pr hole initially.
#define MAX_HOLES  6
#define STONES_PR_HOLE 4

 *  We use board stack position 0 as the `real' board, so we need a stack
 *  that is one level deeper than the max recursion depth.
#define MAX_DEPTH  20

 *  A Move is identified by a hole number.
typedef struct Move {
    int hole;
} Move;

 *  The Board is described by the number of stones in each of the small
 *  holes, and in the mancalas (larger holes). In this setup, hole[x][0]
 *  is the hole closest to the mancala[x] for player x.
typedef char StoneCount;
typedef struct Board {
    StoneCount hole[2][MAX_HOLES];
    StoneCount mancala[2];
} Board;

void       initGame(void);
StoneCount getHole(Player player, int hole);
StoneCount getMancala(Player player);
int        legalMove(Player player, PMove move);
int        checkAndFixWin(Player *winner);
PMove      getBestMove(Player player, int maxPly);
Player     doMove(Player player, PMove move);


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